Computer Studies

We live in a technology rich world and therefore it is important that our students are savvy with technology.

They need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the digital devices they use, have a good grasp of appropriate use of technology and understand something of the “nuts and bolts” of how our digital world operates.

For this reason we have a rich mixture of computer science, programming and traditional ICT skills in our KS3 curriculum.

Year 7

  • Mathematical modelling
  • Binary and control
  • Graphics
  •  Sequencing (programming)
  • Animation
  • Databases

Year 8

  • Reporting and presenting data
  • Computing concepts
  • Audio editing
  • Databases
  • Stop-frame animation
  • Sequencing

Year 9

  • Networks
  • Research and video editing
  • Programming
  • Animation
  • Web design
  • Computing in the real world

Key Stage 4 and 5

At GCSE and A level we offer the opportunity for students to choose either ICT or Computing.  We realise that while some of our students are keen to delve into the world of programming and computer science, others are more interested in the broader world of the IT industry and wish to develop their skills in creating products using software, rather than developing the software itself.


Many students have an interest in computing that goes beyond the curriculum which is why we have set up a robotics club as an enrichment activity. Students are given the opportunity to build, test, develop and program their own robotic devices using a range of platforms and sensors. This activity combines skills learned in computing with further engineering and electronic techniques linked to the science curriculum.

Senior School Curriculum

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