"After studying A-Level theatre studies at Lincoln Minster, I went on to study philosophy at the university of Cambridge and now work in the city as a management consultant. I can sincerely say that no other skill taught to me at school has been as academically and professionally useful to me as the ability to address individuals and groups with poise and confidence that came from studying theatre."

"If you want an A-level that will teach you life skills, broaden your mind, refine your writing and have the best fun while doing it, then it's Drama and Theatre Studies for you. I cannot recommend it more highly."

The Drama Department at Lincoln Minster School is built around the conviction that every child, whatever their ability or natural aptitude, should be able to enjoy the lessons. The emphasis is not on being ‘the best actor’ but on working within a group, sharing ideas with confidence, learning to evaluate and to respond positively to constructive advice, improving focus and working independently. These are all highly transferable skills and will inform and complement your child’s education across the school. For those who do wish to carry these skills into performance, there are opportunities to be involved in a wide variety of co-curricular activities.

Specialist teaching in a vibrant atmosphere


In Years 7-9, Drama is taught through once-weekly, hour-long lessons. Pupils at LMS benefit from being taught by experienced teachers, whose specialism is Drama. All lessons are structured and balanced to provide experience using a wide range of skills and techniques, which will be extended and consolidated throughout KS3. Stimuli for lessons in Years 7 -8 range from the Evacuation in WW2; William Shakespeare’s The Tempest; the Wagon train journeys taken by the pioneers in America, to looking at the life of a Workhouse child in Victorian England, and issue based Drama. We aim to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and empathy – and above all, to have fun!

In Year 9, we aim to prepare the foundations for GCSE study, and look at topics which will stretch and develop creative and analytical faculties, such as writing and sharing protest speeches inspired by the lives of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks; Symbolism, looking at the use of this device in creating Drama, and writing and performing Monologues. Students also follow a topic in Presenting Yourself, to develop confidence and interview skills.

GCSE Drama

Many of our students choose to take Drama and Theatre Studies as a GCSE option, and learn to respond to theory and text as actors, directors and designers. At this level, lessons occur three times a week, and analytical and creative faculties are honed and stretched. We are currently considering the new exam specifications on offer; all offer a wide mix of experience including devising from a stimulus; working practically from a script; exploring the theories of a range of Practitioners; keeping a log book analysing practical work; responding critically to a Live Theatre Production and exploring set texts in the capacity of performer, director and designer. Work, both written and practical, is assessed either internally or through external examination.

More detail on the GCSE course will be available on this site by June 2016. GCSE Drama will equip students with many transferable skills, not least the ability to work both independently and co-operatively, and to communicate with clarity and confidence.

A Level Drama and Theatre Studies.

Our A level students have five lessons a week. We are currently considering the new exam specifications on offer for September 2016 but will aim to choose the specification which best provides a combination of academic rigour and the opportunity to create exciting, challenging theatre. More detail on the A’ Level course will be available on this site by June 2016; modules will include devised and scripted work, responding to set texts and Live Productions within written exams, Theatre History, and exploring the theories of a range of Practitioners

Practical work at A Level is often very impressive, as our students draw from all their experience and knowledge, developed from the moment they join us at LMS. Both scripted and devised work demonstrates a consistently outstanding grasp of staging, with our marks for the final, devised option reaching the highest possible grades. We believe that this is because we encourage individuality, ownership of work, and a down-to-earth ethos and attitude to the craft of making theatre.

Students of A Level Drama have consistently gained place at Oxbridge and the Russell Group universities.

It is also worth noting that almost every Head Pupil for the last ten years has been a Drama student at GCSE or A Level, or both! They are often amongst the most confident, creative and independently minded students, and this is also a valuable skill to take to university and beyond.

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