English at Lincoln Minster School

Lincoln Minster English Department believes in the power of English language: Its powers to liberate, connect, ennoble, empower and engage.  We know that people in life who understand the way that language works, who can articulate their understanding and who can move others with the effects of their own writing, are the people who will change the world, live enriched lives and flourish on whatever path they choose to take beyond the school gate.  Our aims are idealistic yet entirely realistic and essential.

By engendering an appreciation of the written word through a study of literature, we aim to show students that they can craft their own writing to affect the people who read their work.  The maxim ‘read like a writer; write like a reader’ embodies the thrust of our teaching. By studying good examples of writing, students are encouraged to make conscious decisions about the words they choose, the grammatical structures they employ, the tone, form and register of their own work.


By engendering a love of the spoken word through a range of stimulating speaking and listening tasks, we aim to show students the power of the spoken word; to find their own unique voice; and, to become effective, articulate, persuasive members of society.


The English Department believes everyone is able to appreciate the beauty and intensity of the canon of English literature.  An appreciation of tradition and an excited embracing of the contemporary, ensure that our students are the creative voices of tomorrow.  We aim to provide all students with: a stimulating curriculum and working environment which allows each of them to voice opinions which they know are valued; explore issues and themes of a challenging nature; and, ultimately achieve the very best examination results of which they are capable. This is how the world will judge their achievements.

It is the English Department’s job to lead the school on matters of literacy; to question, to excite, to share and to remind everyone in the LMS community to use English purposefully, joyously and convincingly.

Mrs Hewitt, Head of English

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