The aim of the Geography department is to give every pupil an opportunity to make sense of the world in which they live, and to understand the problems faced by the world now and in the future. Teaching within the department relies on a firmly held belief that learning Geography is both interesting and fun.

The Key Stage 3 course closely mirrors the revised National Curriculum and takes the student on a journey through traditional and contemporary geographical issues and places. Our Home, Our Region and Our Planet are the three themes covered in Years 7 to 9. Fieldwork takes place in Hull and includes a tour of the KC Stadium, the Peak District and a visit to east London, encompassing the Olympic Park.

The GCSE course follows the OCR J385 syllabus and allows opportunities for current geographical issues to be raised. The course also covers more traditional content as it examines the interaction between people and the environments in which they live. Fieldwork allows students to investigate and compare the coastal environments of the dramatic Holderness Coast.

Fieldwork in Switzerland at the end of the AS course gives students a unique and unforgettable experience before they embark on their A2 studies. The fieldwork compliments and expands on the AQA course and has proven a reliable and valuable method of raising student expectations and achievements.

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