Learning Support

High quality and highly individualised teaching for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Our philosophy at Lincoln Minster School is to develop the individual as a whole and enable each pupil to reach his or her full potential. We strive to develop ‘the best in everyone’. This philosophy finds its full expression in the Curriculum Support Department, where pupils enjoy an atmosphere of security and targeted support within which confidence and self-esteem can be restored and built upon.

Lincoln Minster School delivers Quality First Teaching. What does this mean?

  • High quality, highly inclusive teaching
  • Meeting the needs of ALL pupils through informed planning and implementation
  • Having high expectations of ALL pupils.

Therefore in following the new SEND Code of Practice, our support for pupils with specific needs embraces a graduated approach of:  Assess, Plan, Do and Review.

Assess:  We like to assess current levels of performance in reading, spelling, writing and phonological skills as a baseline. When all information has been collated, we can begin to look at an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. A profile of that individual is put together so that all the staff can get to know them before they even set foot in the classroom.

Plan:  A provision map or individual learning will be devised for each pupil

Do:  We can begin to consider individual or small group support lessons, frequency of contact with a specialist teacher, and compatibility with other pupils if a shared lesson programme is thought appropriate.

Review: The strength of any Curriculum Support Department is its ability to be flexible. This is vital when teaching pupils with individual profiles whose specific needs are constantly changing. We adapt to those needs by tailoring the teaching programme accordingly. This requires a mixture of expertise, computer software, individual learning plans, books, and games to make the learning experience as stimulating and effective as possible.

So, in summary, we:

  • Identify underlying cognitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Support the weaker skills by encouraging reliance on stronger channels of learning
  • Enable each pupil to learn HOW to learn in a way that suits their unique profile
  • Develop the skills and habits for learning which will support their studies throughout the school
  • Review progress and adapt accordingly

This way, Lincoln Minster School ensures that ALL pupils, including SEND pupils, are challenged, engaged, and motivated to succeed.

Mrs Eileen Barclay, SENCO

Senior School Curriculum

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