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A-Level Computer Science

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33% A*-A (2023)

Computer Science is an excellent choice if you wish to gain a deeper understanding of computing and programming. Programming is very much the focus of the course with an emphasis on the importance of computational thinking, helping learners to develop the skills to solve problems, design systems and understand the power and limits of human and machine intelligence. Computer Science is a creative subject where you can use your problem-solving skills to apply the academic principles learned in the classroom to real world systems.

The project approach is a vital component of “post-school” life and is of particular relevance to Further Education, Higher Education and the workplace. Students who study A-Level Computer Science may go on to study at degree level, or any related science or engineering discipline. The course also opens up many career possibilities.

In the United Kingdom alone, the application of technology helps drive our entire economy. Careers in the following areas are all becoming increasingly dependant on the application of technology:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Security and National Defence
  • Research and Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism and Transport
  • Entertainment

The application of IT and Computing is vital for enabling the solutions to issues facing us nationally and internationally. Everyday issues such as:

  • Climate Change and Energy
  • Global Economic Issues
  • Investment and Research in Technologies
  • Ever Changing Employment Demands
  • Changing Demands of a Modern Education System
  • Health
  • Cyber Threats
  • An Ageing Population

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Course Content and Methodology

A-level Computer Science helps you understand the core academic principles of computer science. Classroom learning is transferred into creating real-world systems through the creation of an independent programming project. The A-Level will develop your technical understanding and ability to analyse and solve problems using computational thinking. The course is made up of three components:

  • Computer Systems. The internal workings of the (CPU), data exchange, software development, data types and legal and ethical issues.
  • Algorithms and programming. Using computational thinking to solve problems.
  • Programming project. You will be expected to analyse a problem, then design, develop, test, evaluate and document a computational solution. The program itself must be written in a suitable programming language.
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Exam Board: OCR. Course code: H446

Assessment is by examination (80 %) and coursework (20 %).

  • Exam 1: Computer Systems, -2h 30 minutes. 40 % marks.
  • Exam 2: Algorithms and programming,-2h 30 minutes. 40 % marks.
  • Coursework: Programming project, 20 % marks.
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Meet Our Alumni

Our students go on to many exciting destinations all over the world and work in a wide range of careers. Our alumni includes Netflix actors, olympians, racecar drivers, musicians, business leaders and much more. 

Course Requirements

Ideally, you will have studied GCSE Computing but it’s not essential. Please speak to Mr Barrett about recommended background work if this is the case. Some knowledge of a programming language would be useful but a full introduction to the Python programming language will be given.

You should have a curiosity about how things work, an enthusiasm for problem solving and a willingness to be creative in your thinking.

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Aspire Programme

The Aspire Programme is dedicated to providing exciting and challenging academic opportunities for our students.
These opportunities will be focused on extending knowledge and understanding, providing stimulating and demanding academic challenges, and, ultimately, inspiring students to apply for the most competitive courses at the most prestigious institutions. 


Our Sixth Form students have access to their own Common Room, Resources Centre and Silent Study Suite, where they socialise and relax, find books or speak to our Careers team, and complete their studies in peace (respectively).

As part of their studies, students may also have access to the dedicated art, photography and graphic design studio, purpose-built Recital Hall for musical performances, fully-equipped drama studio as well as indoor and outdoor sporting facilities.