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Creativity and individuality are celebrated throughout the school.


We are Proud of our Progressive, Contemporary and Stimulating Art Department

Our outstanding art facilities provide an inspirational environment in which our pupils can pursue their passions.

Art facilities throughout the school are truly unique. From the well-equipped studio at our Preparatory School to our Senior School art studio overlooking the city, complete with a graphic design lab and photography studio.

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We strive to provide pupils with opportunities to be creative and develop practical skills.

Art at Lincoln Minster Schools features fine art, graphic design, textiles and photography. Through undertaking projects in a range of mediums, experiences and starting points, it is hoped that pupils will be empowered to take more responsibility for, and be enthused in, their own learning. With the guidance from skilled practitioners, it is hoped that art will be a source of pleasure for all pupils who will, consequently, become increasingly confident in their own abilities. 

We have a highly specialist team of staff.

Our staff are not only passionate about the subject but also themselves practising artists. We meet the individual creative needs of all of our pupils, allowing them to mature artistically; this process is enhanced by individual tutorials, extra-curricular activities and study trips.

Meet our Alumni

Our students have gone on to earn prestigious awards for their artwork and have forged successful careers in the world of art and design, with alumni including contracted art workers, architects and jewellery makers (Tiffany & Co).

View our Gallery

Pupils also hold exhibitions both within the school and the wider community, offering them the opportunity to promote their work. Sixth-Form pupils hold an exhibition of their work at the local Gallery at St Martin’s in Lincoln.

Here's a selection of pieces produced by our photography, art, textiles and graphic design pupils.


The Arts


Each year, we are proud to award Scholarships to pupils who are capable of extremely high levels of achievement and who we believe will make a significant contribution to the life of the school.

Scholarship Information